Who's Who at NOA


The Office is staffed weekdays from 9.30-17.00


The Welcome Desk and coffee bar are run by a committed team of volunteers who work on two-hourly shifts between 10.00 - 16.00


Volunteers work on various committes that meet regularly to ensure the smooth running of NOA. 



The Officers of NOA 

Chairman of Council

David Potts

Hon. Secretary

Sally van Noorden

Hon. Treasurer

Michael Heaton


Lester Brooks

NOA Staff

Volunteer Co-ordinators 

Centre Manager

Joe Shuter                                  Email:manager@northoxfordassociation.org.uk


Wayne Prescott


Welcome Desk/Coffee Bar 

Angela Taylor

Jennie Pinches (coffee bar)

NOA Lunch Club

Angela Taylor 

Neighbourly Help

Currently Vacant

Website Designer

Santosh Thapa