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Step 1:
Unfortunately, guidelines are very clear that community centres are not to open in step one. So unfortunately, even if your activity is allowed to operate in step one NOA will not be able to host.

Step 2(not before 12th April):
NOA is able to reopen it’s doors in line with other community centres across the country, however restrictions on the meeting of large groups are still in place. During step 2 NOA will only be hosting groups who work with under 18s

Step 3 (not before 17th May)

All other groups who had been meeting during pandemic my restart at this point, though you do need to continue to follow NOA’s social distancing policy and your own risk assessment regarding you activities
Groups who have not yet met during the pandemic but would like to restart are able to do so if they follow NOA’s social distancing policy and submit a risk assessment on your activity, I did send out information about this around June/July last year, but I can send it again if you’d like.


Step 4 (not before June 21st)

All other activities and private hire of NOA can resume, some restrictions on group sizes my continue, good practice with regards to sanitation and other risk mitigators will be expected.


As we were unable to meet for an AGM this year you can view the documents that would have been presented here