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Rise in hire rates

just like many other businesses we are also being severally impacted by rising inflation, increased cost of running business as well as soaring fuel and energy costs. As of September all of our hire rates will be going up by 10% (rounding down to the nearest £0.50).


We have held off raising prices for as long as possible including over the pandemic and the recovery period after to help all of our regular bookers restart and rebuild. However we have reached a point where our outgoings are continuing to rise and, with no more areas to cut back we finally have to raise our prices to continue operating.


For clarity here are the new per hour rates for Single/Regular bookings at NOA.

Main Hall            £22/£19.50
Annexe              £18.50/£16.50
Lecture room     £11/£10
Library               £11/£10
Meeting Room   £8/£7
Pavilion             £18.50/£16.50



The 2022 AGM will be happeneing on the 20th of October


More details will be provided once they have been confirmed


As we were uable to meet for an AGM last year you can view the documents that would have been presented here